The clinical associate curriculum . the learning theory underpinning the BCMP programme at the University of Pretoria

  • FM Hugo
  • J Slabbert
  • JM Louw
  • TS Marcus
  • M Bac
  • PH du Toit
  • JE Sandars


The Bachelor of Clinical Medical Practice (BCMP) is a new degree at the University of Pretoria (UP), designed to create a new category of mid-level
medical workers, namely clinical associates. UP produced its first 44 graduates in 2011. The BCMP created the opportunity to innovate learning and
teaching through designing, monitoring and evaluating the transformation of the curriculum as action research. Drawing on the theories and practices of authentic learning, self-directed learning, whole-brain learning and collaborative learning, the curriculum has been transformed. The potential of this curriculum extends beyond the formal education part of the programme . into clinical associate practice, healthcare practice and, potentially, general medical and healthcare education.

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