A Brief Survey of Medical Practitioner Knowledge and Attitudes Regarding Autism Spectrum Disorder in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

  • Abigail Kissel
  • Mehari Gebreyohanns
  • Maria H. Chahrour
Keywords: Autism Spectrum Disorder, Autism, Ethiopia, Africa, Medical Anthropology


Background: Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) continues to climb in prevalence worldwide. Developed nations have focused on aligning their medical and research communities in order to investigate the mechanisms of pathogenesis, diagnosis, and societal impact of this disorder. A simultaneous rise of ASD has impacted developing nations, such as Ethiopia, without a commensurate ability to research the knowledge, beliefs, resources, and training regarding this condition in the country.
Materials and Methods: We administered a brief survey during a medical conference in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia, to investigate some of the education, information, and experiences with ASD within a small sample of medical and mental health providers in Ethiopia.
Results: The data provided insight into the following areas pertaining to ASD in Ethiopia: perceived causes, knowledge, training, and areas of need.
Conclusion: Understanding local beliefs for causes and cures, as well as gaining indigenous opinions regarding what is needed for ASD education and resources in their nation, is the first step towards understanding the impact of this disorder and the approach to its treatment in Ethiopia.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1022-9272