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The Methodological Approach in Developing Interactive Mobile Devices for Geriatric Persons (Geriatric Person-Centered Methodology)

Njeri Ngaruiya
Daniel Orwa
Peter Waiganjo


The graying population, in the recent past, has become an area of interest in developing countries. While many studies have explored the needs of older adults, tools and techniques engaged produce solutions less substantial in the psychosocial well-being of geriatric persons. The roles the older adults had in traditional society are amiss in modern society, depriving them of self-worth and a sense of belonging in a world fully engulfed in modern technology. This prompted the researchers to explore how modern technology can continue these roles that hold an intrinsic value for the older population. To achieve this, the researchers conducted an exploratory qualitative study to give an in-depth knowledge of the psychosocial needs of geriatric persons, therefore contributing to the methodology by using a series of time orders, giving a clear and in-depth understanding of the underlying issue of modern technology use.

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eISSN: 1022-9272