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Extent of livelihood diversification among artisanal fisher-folks in communities around Ikere Gorge dam, Oyo State, Nigeria

FM Talabi, OB Oyesola


This study assessed the extent of livelihood diversification among fisher-folks in communities around Ikere gorge dam. Livelihood activities may vary from one rural area to another depending on the available
resources, infrastructure and climate conditions of the environment. This informs the investigation of the extent of livelihood diversification of the fishermen, net makers, fish dealers and boat makers in communities
around Ikere gorge dam. Focus group discussion (FGD) in-depth interview with key informant (IDI) and structured questionnaire were used to collect data. Data collected was analyzed using inferential and descriptive statistics. Result reveals that fisher-folks in the study area were made up of (74.22%) male indicating male dominance in fish related activities. Majority of the fisher-folks (92.97%) were married. Most fisher-folkfs household has between 4-6 people. Fishing dominated as primary occupation. Fishermen and fish smokers engaged in four different livelihood activities in wet season. Fish dealers generally engaged in three different livelihood activities while the boat makers engaged in two  different livelihood activities in dry season and only one livelihood activity in wet season. Result of Herfindal diversification index (HDI) reveals that age and financial capital significantly influenced extent of diversification into different livelihood activities among fisher-folks in the study area in dry season at p.0.05. The fisher-folks that are in communities around Ikere gorge dam have built their livelihood activities around the natural potentials of the dam. Social amenities if provided will facilitate trade and influx of people into the communities which will open up various livelihood activities that fisher-folks can diversify into.

Key words: Livelihood, Fisher-folks, Ikere, Diversification Dam.

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