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Tephrosia bracteolate (Gull et Perr) – Panicum maximum (jacq) combinations utilization by West African Dwarf Goats

AM Ogungbesan, OE Fasina, GA Adeleke, AN Fajemisin


Sixteen (16) west African Dwarf Goats (8 bucks and 8 does) were balanced for age, sex and weight (average of 5.79±0.60kg), to test for performance characteristics, cell wall digestibility and Nitrogen Retention, were fed Tephrosia bracteolata based diets were allotted randomly to the following dietary treatments (T. bracteolate, P. maximum, Concentrate) viz: I (20%, 60%, 20%) as control, II (40%, 40%, 20%), III (60%, 20%, 20%) and IV (80%, 0%, 20%) for one hundred and twelve days; 14 day pre-growth
adaptation, 84 day-growth and 14 day digestibility (7 day adaptation and 7 day monitoring). Highest (P<0.05) DM was observed in IV  (338.88±31.72g/d) and lowest (P<0.05) in I (255.68±35.48g/d).  Treatment IV (54.29±3.66g/d) also had highest (P<0.05) and daily weight gain and lowest (P<0.05) occurred in I (40.59±4.93g/d). Concerning NDF, ADF and NDL digestibility (%), highest (P<0.05) occurred in IV (81.53±25.37, 75.49±9.23 and 15.84±2.36) and lowest (P<0.05) recorded in I (62.15±25.48, 55.88±8.20 and 8.67±1.50). Similarly trend of highest (P<0.05) in IV (2.67±0.62g/d) and lowest (P<0.05) in I (0.97±0.60g/day) repeated itself with respect to nitrogen balance. This study confirms that with Concentrate waste Tephrosia bracteolata can be sole fed to goats with A.I.B. (Agro industrial byproducts) for optimal performance with or without grass supplement despite its inherent anti nutrient factors.

Keywords: Cell wall digestibility, Performance Characteristics, Nitrogen Retention, Tephrosia bracteolata, West African dwarf goats

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