Relevance of animal symbolism in corporate communications and organisations

  • G.A. Lameed Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Management, University of Ibadan. Nigeria


The study of animals as symbol in communication and other corporate organization was carried out for a period of five months in the year 2001, by the use of structured questionnaire in three local governments within Ibadan metropolis; Ibadan North West, North East and South West. Simple percentage and student T tests were used to derive the significant level of human and wild animals as symbol in corporate organizations.
The results showed that most of the features that possessed such by human beings such as: territorial integrity, superiority, political hegemony and seniority are equally shared by wild animals in their natural ecosystem. These however, bind human societies directly to the social conduct of related wild animal species. The similarities observed are those constructed and used by corporate organizations as symbol and logos, which interprets strength, functions, and activities of such organizations. Student T test showed that the rate of using human pictures and wild animals, as symbols in activities was significant (P <0.05) while the use of animals as symbol has the highest percentage rate of (77.07%) and human's picture, as a symbol was 22.9%. This makes human society to take animals primarily as an model in communication.

Key words: Corporate Organisation; Wild animals, Communications, Ethology, symbol.

(Af J Livestock Extension: 2002 1: 62-66)

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eISSN: 1596-4019