Marketing functions and determinants of profit among frozen chicken marketers in Ibadan

  • A.S. Oyekale
  • T.T. Awoyemi
  • O.I. Jaiyebo


This study attempted to estimate the cost of performing some functions in frozen chicken marketing and determined the major factors affecting the profit level of the marketers. Using data collected from 10 wholesalers and 29 retailers in Ibadan metropolis, the transportation costs per kilogram of frozen chicken were N1.20 and N1.80 for wholesalers and retailers respectively, and storage costs were N1.00 and N1.50 resources. Average monthly profits in frozen chicken marketing were N244,700.00 and N20,830.00 for wholesalers and retailers respectively. Returns on N 1.00 invested were N0.16 for wholesalers and N0.12 for retailers. From the regression analysis, profit level was determined by scale of operation and year of experience. It was recommended that poultry farming should be encouraged and marketers need to seek for funds to expand the scale of their operation for higher profits.

(Af. J. of Livestock Extension: 2003 2: 19-23)

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eISSN: 1596-4019