Farm and clinical records, pig handlers’ knowledge and management of scours in Ejisu-Juaben municipality, Ashanti Region, Ghana

  • T Opoku-Agyemang
  • F. Asamany
  • R.D. Folitse
  • S.G. Bonnah
  • B.O. Emikpe
Keywords: Farm/clinical records, Pig handlers, Scours, Management, Ghana


This study investigated the farm/clinical records of scours occurrence and the pig handlers knowledge and management of scours in twenty swine production units in Ejisu-Juaben Municipal area, Ashanti Region of Ghana in order to recommend strategic measures for the control. Information on the occurrence was obtained from farm visit records and by the administration of questionnaire to the farmers/ workers directly engaged in swine production and delivery of veterinary service. Descriptive statistics were employed. The study results revealed a lack of proper feed and feeding practices, inappropriate environmental security and hygienic conditions in majority of the swine production farms. The study also showed that majority of the handlers did not have adequate knowledge on scours. Of the farmers/workers involved in the study, only 45% attributed the source of their knowledge to  veterinarians, whilst 55% claimed to have acquired their knowledge from personal experience or interaction with other farmers. Out of the 20 farms involved in the study, only 7 (35%) farms regularly reported cases of scours to the Municipal Veterinary Clinic for appropriate handling. Since identification of cases of scours is dependent on the knowledge, skills and experience of the farmer or pig-farm worker, it is highly recommended that regular extension education programmes on prophylaxis, control and prevention of scours as well as other forms of assistance be made available to farmers and farm workers.

Keywords: Farm/clinical records, Pig handlers, Scours, Management, Ghana


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eISSN: 1596-4019