Awareness On Genetic ‘Erosion\' Of Some Economic Genes In Nigerian Local Chicken

  • AO Oguntunji
  • A Ayandiji
  • AL Kehinde
Keywords: Genetic, Erosion, Genes, Local chicken


Insufficient animal protein consumption has been identified as a major nutritional stress among teeming Nigerian populace; however, studies have shown that some genes in domestic chicken could be exploited to improve meat and egg production in poultry. The study sampled 1037 adult local chicken in Atiba and Oyo East local Government areas of Oyo State to investigate the frequency of occurrence and influence of four adaptive genes (Polydactyly, Ptilopody, Frizzle and Naked neck) on body weight of adult chicken. Descriptive and inferential statistics were used. Result shows that frequency of occurrence was lower than expected (75%) for these dominant genes: Polydactyly; 5.0%, Ptilopody 2.12%, Frizzle 1.74% and Naked neck 0%. Polydactyly and Ptilopody gene carriers were heavier than other phenotypes while frizzled were smaller than normals. The gene frequencies of the dominant genes were significantly different to the expected mendelian frequency. It is clearly demonstrated that these major genes are at the brink of extinction considering their frequency of occurrence in the study area. Conclusively, there is a need for preservation and awareness on the contribution of these genes to rural poultry production.

Keywords: Genetic, Erosion, Genes, Local chicken.

African Journal of Livestock Extension Vol. 5 2007: pp. 32-36

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eISSN: 1596-4019