Employment generation through livestock and crop enterprises as a means of livelihood

  • CH Satyanarayana
  • BS Rao
  • MS Reddy
Keywords: Employment generation, livestock enterprise, crop enterprise, Livelihood


The study was conducted in Andhra Pradesh state to find out employment generation through livestock and crop enterprises as a means of livelihood. Three districts, one from each region and three mandals from each district were selected for the study. 258 livestock farmers who were also holding crop enterprises were selected from nine mandals and eighteen villages for the final investigation. The independent variables such as social status, experience in livestock and crop enterprises, land holding, social participation, herd size, market facilities, material possession, expenditure pattern, knowledge on livestock and crop enterprises, management orientation, achievement motivation, economic orientation, information seeking behaviour, risk taking behaviour,
credit orientation, decision making and innovativeness were studied. Study revealed that a vast majority (80.62 per cent) of the farmers belonged to the medium category of employment generation followed by 12.40 per cent high and 6.98 per cent low categories of employment generation. Results showed that an average of 469, 427 and 143 man days of employment generated by dairy, sheep and goat, piggery enterprises respectively and agricultural enterprises created 290 man days of
employment per family per annum. Individual farmer who depended on livestock enterprises except piggery enterprise was fully employed in three regions. The farmer who depended only on agricultural enterprises was fully employed only in Coastal Andhra region but not in Telangana and
Rayalaseema regions. It was observed that all independent variables were found to be significant at 1 percent level but experience in livestock & crop enterprises was significant at 5 percent level and social status and social participation found to be non significant.

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eISSN: 1596-4019