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AJOL can be a wonderful tool for authors to find journals that might be interested in publishing their work.

However, we currently receive many, many emails from authors asking us to help them get their papers published in AJOL partner journals. AJOL is not a journal publisher. We are a journal host and aggregator. If you would like to publish your paper in a journal on AJOL, PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL AJOL, as this will not help you.

Instead, the best approach is to use the BROWSE JOURNALS tools on AJOL to find journals that publish research in the field/s in which you have conducted your research. Make sure to read the description that each journal provides to ensure you are not wasting your time, and the Editors' time by submitting a paper that really does not comply with that journal's focus and scope.

Then, using the links at the top of that journal's AJOL page, click on "ABOUT THE JOURNAL" and find the journal's "Author Guidelines". This will give you all you need to know about how to submit your paper to the journal directly.


For great quality resources that can support authors from developing countries, please do visit this website:


Another source of support information for authors can be found here: BioMed Central author academy Information to learn about and benefit from Open Educational Resources (OER)

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