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Authors have some moral obligations to the the broader research community. You may download an explanation of these here:


You don't want to submit your article to a fake or bad quality journal, so do your own research to make sure that the journal you choose is a good one. Before you send an article to a journal, use this easy online tool to help you:



Once you are sure you want to submit your article to a trusted journal that is publishing in the same field as your research, always carefully read that journal's instructions to authors guidelines document and edit your manuscript accordingly before submitting it to the journal. Many journals will reject your article immediately if you have not followed their instructions.


In particular, make sure you have not plagiarised any part of your article. Many helpful resources to understand exactly what plagiarism is and how to avoid it can be found here:


Authors themselves can make sure their published research article is read and applied. This tool is free for researchers and helps you do that:


If you are an early career researcher or student in a developing country who wants to improve your academic research article writing skills, this INASP project is an excellent way to do so: AuthorAID



For health research, please do visit the equator network to make sure you comply with international standards for writing and published health research:


For animal research, there are guidelines also:


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