Community-based tourism: Origins and present trends

  • A Giampiccoli
Keywords: Community participation, development, management, tourism.


Understanding the origins of Community Based Tourism helps in mapping its possible trajectories. Past and current trends are important to unlock the possibilities in the future. This paper posits that with a better understanding of the original conceptualization, practices and roles of CBT, possibilities will abound to understand contemporary CBT matters. It argues that since its origins to current times, the CBT approach has endured a significant mismatch from the original aims and strategies of CBT in terms of practical approaches and outcomes. The hallmarks of a genuine CBT project include local control (rather than mere involvement), decision making at all the stages of the project’s life cycle, equitable sharing of the collective benefits, within the context of a holistic, bottom-up approach to community development. Instead CBT projects have been distancing themselves to different degree from genuine CBT projects.

Keywords: Community participation, development, management, tourism.


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print ISSN: 2411-6939