The State of Teacher-Coaches’ Sport-Specific Training, Participation and Coaching Experience, Mentor Interaction and Methods of Continued Education in Sport Coaching

  • C van der Merwe
  • DDJ Malan
  • Y Willemse
Keywords: Youth sport, Teacher-Coach, Coaches Development, Athlete Development


The aim of this study was to determine the current state of teacher coaches’ sport specific training, playing- and coaching experience regarding sport coaching. Fifty five (55) schools from the Kenneth Kaunda district in the Northwest province of South Africa were selected. Vosloo and Trudel and Camiré’s questionnaires were adapted for this study. One hundred and forty four (144) questionnaires were used in the compilation of the results. The Epi-info program was used to capture the data. For the analyzing of the data, frequency tables and cross-tabulations were used to obtain statistical (p<0.05) and practical (Cramer’s V-value) significance. The study revealed that 6 of the 12 priority sports codes have sport specific trained teacher-coaches. Most sport specific training were completed more than than five (5) years ago. In most sports codes the majority of teacher-coaches have less than 10 years coaching and participation experience. The transfer of quality coaching knowledge between coaches were found to be questionable. Teacher-coaches also use few, and possibly outdated information to improve their coaching skills. Sport specific training is needed in all types of school (especially township and farm schools) and in all priority sports codes. Teacher-coaches also require quality coaching mentors as well as professional and current sport specific information.

Keywords: Youth sport, Teacher-Coach, Coaches Development, Athlete Development


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print ISSN: 2411-6939