Sport students’ perception of their learning experience: Amazing Race as an innovative outdoor teaching and learning strategy

  • L. Van den Berg
  • S.J. Roos
  • B. Els
  • A. Lennox
Keywords: Innovative teaching, learning, Ama-zing Race, sport students, outdoor adventure.


Universities are constantly seeking new applications of innovative teaching and learning strategies, with special attention given to the learning environment and activities performed. Learning environments and activities that focus on learners being active participants can enrich the students’ learning experience and in this regard, outdoor adventure education programmes are utilised effectively to enhance the quality and scope of learning. This study investigated the perceived learning experience regarding academic content-specific outcomes and learning of life skills as identified by sport curriculum students competing in an on-campus Ama-zing Race activity. The study was qualitative in nature and involved the participation of 99 undergraduate sport curriculum students at a university within the Gauteng province of South Africa. Data analysis was done inductively using the qualitative techniques proposed by Côté, Salmela, and Russell (1993). The analysis rendered 217 meaning units, grouped together into 12 categories, which emerged as five primary themes, namely social behaviour, competitive view, cognitive skills, learning outcomes and physical realisation. The students perceived the outdoor programme to enhance their learning experience, not just limited to content-specific outcomes, but also regarding life skills. The findings of this study could assist universities to explore and construct innovative outdoor adventure and activity-based teaching and learning strategies to achieve enhanced student learning.

Keywords: Innovative teaching, learning, Ama-zing Race, sport students, outdoor adventure.


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print ISSN: 2411-6939