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Factors affecting quality patient care in paediatric units of Vhembe district, Limpopo province, South Africa

N.J. Ramakuela, R.N. Mundalamo, N.D. Ndou


In most sub-Saharan countries and other developing parts of the world, children admitted to health institutions receive sub-standard care. This resulted in increased infant and child mortality and morbidity rates that could be avoided if factors affecting the quality of nursing care can be identified and managed. The study sought to explore and describe factors affecting quality patient care in paediatric units of the Vhembe district, Limpopo Province of South Africa. A qualitative approach using explorative and descriptive design was used. The population comprised all care givers of children admitted to Paediatric units for seven days or longer, and all nurses working in Paediatric units for over a year. Purposive sampling was used to select hospitals and participants for the study. Data collection was done using unstructured individual interviews. Data was analysed qualitatively using Tesch’s (in Creswell, 2014) steps. Ethical considerations and measures to ensure trustworthiness were observed. The results of the study revealed a major theme: challenges of quality patient care in paediatric units and four sub-themes emerged namely: Inadequate human resources of all levels, inadequate material resources, dilapidated infrastructures and lack of funds. Recommendations were made for the Department of Health, institutions and paediatric units.

Keywords: Factors, quality nursing care, paediatric units.

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