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The effect of an outdoor adventure programme with selected team-building and cultural activities on the personal effectiveness of students

Charl J. Roux, Natasha Janse van Rensburg


Students often find it difficult to adjust during the transition from high  school to higher education institutions (HEIs). Less than 15% of the  students enrolled in South African HEIs actually graduate, and numerous factors affect the success of students at HEIs. However, evidence suggests that outdoor adventure education (OAE) with experiential group-based activities can promote meaningful learning, retention, academic  achievement, social support and self-esteem in students. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of an outdoor adventure programme with selected team-building and indigenous cultural activities on the  personal effectiveness of students at a South African HEI in Gauteng  Province. On arrival (pre-test) at and on completion (post-test) of a 2-day camp, the Review of Personal Effectiveness with Locus of Control  (ROPELOC) instrument was employed to collect quantitative data from a cohort of multicultural university students (n=120). The findings revealed an increase in the overall effectiveness of students. Follow-up interventions are recommended to ensure its sustainability and retention.

Keywords: Team building, personal effectiveness, outdoor adventure education.

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