Sources of stress in South African soccer coaches

  • J Surujlal
  • S Nguyen
Keywords: Stress, challenges, frustrations, soccer, coaches, pressure.


It has been noted that coaches face a number of challenges, frustrations, conflicts and tensions, most of which translate into perceived stress. With the re-entry of South Africa into the international sporting arena, little is known about South African coaches and what specific stresses they experience. Thus, the present study used a mixed-method approach in exploring the perceptions of stress among South African soccer coaches. More specifically, 12 South African coaches were interviewed (using semi-structured interview guides) on their perceptions of sources of stress. Furthermore, 112 soccer coaches (at the provincial level and higher) were
approached to complete a 32-item questionnaire on the sources of stress related to their job as coaches. Content analysis was used to evaluate the qualitative data while the descriptive data analysis was completed using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS – version 16). The reliability was tested for the sources of stress (a= .817) for the 32 items. The sources of stress experienced by the coaches were evaluated. The results revealed the three main themes related to sources of stress were Resource Issues, External Pressure and Internal Capacity. Complementing these results, the top three sources of stress found through the descriptive
statistics were lack of resources, fixture backlog and games where the outcome is critical, while the lowest three sources of stress were political interference, physical assaults from players and substituting a player. Specific academic and practical implications of the study the results were

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print ISSN: 2411-6939