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Videographical analysis of drop and cut shot in badminton

I Hussain
Y Paul
MA Bari


The badminton, in respect to shuttle velocity, is one of the fastest racket sports along with long tennis. The ability to respond quickly and effectively to a constant changing environment is a key factor to successful performance in addition to service plays a vital role in winning a point. Thus, the study was proposed to analyse cut and drop shot in badminton of six male university players. The data was collected during competition situation. The biomechanical variables and segmental angle and segment angular velocities of upper extremities were- shuttle velocity. The mean age, height and body weight were reported as (22±1.78) years, (1.66±0.05) m and (62.16±7.11) kg, respectively. Legaria Canon SF-10, 8.1 Mp video camera in a field setting operation at 60 Hz was used to record the movement. The identified clips were analyzed with the help of “Silicon Coach Pro7” motion analysis software. The statistical analysis t-test revealed that there is significant difference in the shuttle velocity between cut and drop shot however no significant differences were found in body kinematics at p=0.01 as well as at p=0.05 level of significance. Hence it is concluded that the increase in segmental angular velocities will enhance shuttle velocities.

Keywords: Biomechanical, segmental, forehand, long service, short service shuttle velocity.

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print ISSN: 2411-6939