Gambling on the 2010 FIFA World Cup™: A qualitative analysis of first time gamblers’ experiences and perceptions

  • J Surujlal
Keywords: Gambling, soccer, betting, predictions, interviews, social interaction


Predicting the results of sports events has preoccupied the minds of many people, from fans to regular gamblers. The 2010 Soccer World Cup™ has stimulated numerous individuals to make predictions and speculations of the outcomes of matches. In addition to verbal predictions, individuals gamble on the outcomes of events by betting formally at different gambling outlets. The purpose of this qualitative study was to describe first time gamblers' experiences and perceptions on gambling on the outcome of various 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup™ games. Telephonic interviews of between 10-18 minutes duration were conducted with a sample of twelve first time gamblers who were recruited through bookmakers' agencies. The results indicated that the experience was positive and that respondents viewed participation in this activity as fun. There was greater enjoyment, excitement and social interaction as well as closer bonding with family members and friends. While most respondents indicated that they would continue to gamble on sport events, it is unlikely that this practice would develop into pathological gambling.

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print ISSN: 2411-6939