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An intervention programme to improve the quality of life of street children in Mopani district, Limpopo Province, South Africa

RD Shiluvane, LB Khoza, TR Lebese, HN Shiluvane


The aim of the study was to develop an intervention programme to improve the quality of life of street children in the Mopani district of Limpopo Province, South Africa. The intervention programme was developed based on the findings of the main study, which discussed the lived experiences of street children in Ba-Phalaborwa Municipality of Limpopo Province. The study generated the question “which intervention programme is required to improve the quality of life of street children’? Results indicate that some of the street children who participated in this study experienced feelings of relief from the stressful situation they experienced at home as a result the streets provided an alternative home. Participants indicated their relief from the problems such as abuse by family members, especially step-fathers; lack of satisfaction of basic needs at home; and pressure to perform according to others’ expectations. Street children experienced negative feelings such as anger, depression and frustration due to lack of basic needs and their uncertain future. Programme development in this study followed the primary health care approach namely the primary level where focus is on how to prevent the problem, secondary level deals with early detection and reversal of the problem and lastly the tertiary prevention and care, which focuses on reduction and curbing of further development of other pathologies in the street children. Ethical and trustworthiness principles were ensured. This study draws attention to the need to enhance delivery of social welfare services to street children and may also assist the municipalities in the planning of programmes to address the problem of street children.

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