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Alpha Theta Meditation: Phenomenological, neurophysiologic, mindfulness, mood, health and sport implications

S Edwards, L van der Westhuizen, K van Heerden, D Davidson, N Dawood, C Adams, S Shooban-Heske, A Thompson, D Edward, A Dee


The aim of this investigation was to record a small group of participants’ experiences of a single session of an alpha theta meditation with special reference to its influence on perceptions of mindfulness and mood. An integral approach, with mixed qualitative and quantitative methodology was adopted. Qualitative research technology involved qualitative phenomenological descriptions of meditation derived experiences. Quantitative techniques included Infiniti neurofeedback instrumentation for EEG data recorded, and psychometric measures of mindfulness and mood states. There were 10 participants, 5 men and 5 women with mean age of 49 years and age range of 31 to 63 years. Participants experienced various consciousness transformation themes. These included adjustment, relaxation, absorption, imagery, being in the zone and transcendence. There were no significant changes were observed with regard to mindfulness and mood perceptions of anger, energy or fatigue. Contrary to expectations, the single alpha theta meditation was associated with elevated alpha and theta activity, as well as decrease in negative mood perceptions, especially with regard to anxiety, sadness and confusion scores. Comparisons with other meditation sessions indicated that the alpha theta meditation session was significantly associated with more alpha and beta activity. Integrated findings are in line with other studies which support the psychological value of alpha theta training.

Keywords: Alpha Theta Training, phenomenology, neurophysiology, mindfulness, mood, health, sport.

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