Victimization of men and the veracity of wife-to-husband abuse in research reports: implications for domestic violence counselling

  • Abiodun Gesinde
Keywords: Victimization, men, spousal abuse, implications, domestic violence counselling


Spousal abuse in marital relationships has a long history in human society, but it is skewed as men’s maladjustment behaviour while manifestation of similar behaviour in women is ignored or underreported. The consequence of genderisation of spousal abuse is that husbands will continue to suffer in silence while suffering abuse diverse types of abuse from their wives without any intervention from significant others in the society. This paper is an attempt to demonstrate the reality of husband’s abuse by their wives and point out that this is sparsely or underreported in researches focusing on spousal abuse. It was suggested that spousal abuse in marital relationship can be mitigated through domestic violence counselling intervention.


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