Awareness and perception of urban forestry and greening among dwellers in Ibadan Metropolis- an implication for psychological wellbeing

  • A.M. Tokede
  • A.A. Banjo
  • A.O. Ahmad
  • A. J. Ogunsola
  • G.O. Oyewale
Keywords: Urban forestry, Greening, Psychological well-being, Perception and Awareness


One out of the many natural components with multiple functions is urban forestry and greening. It plays important roles in social, cultural, economic and landscape enhancement. It also provides recreational facilities, as well as environmental development of urban dwellers in Nigeria as a whole and Ibadan in particular. Apart from all these benefits, a forest experience is considered to be an approach to promoting positive moods in modern urban dwellers, which is important in relieving depression and other common mental health problems. This study was undertaken to ascertain the level of awareness and perception of Ibadan urban dwellers about the psychological implication of urban forestry and greening. One hundred (100) questionnaires were administered to the respondents to assess their awareness and perception of urban forestry and greening in fostering psychological wellbeing. The study reveals that dwellers in Ibadan Metropolis are aware of the fact that urban forestry and greening improve psychological well-being and promote positive moods. Despite their awareness and perception, the result of the study reveals that the practice of urban forestry and greening has not been well embraced. Therefore, this study put forward some recommendations to promote the practice of urban forestry and greening among the dwellers.


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