Nigeria and the threats of terrorism: myth or reality

  • IS Ogundiya
  • J Amzat


Terrorism is a socio-political disorder that has grown to the detriment of the international security system and global economy. Acts of Terrorism have increased over the years since September 11, 2001 terrorist attack directed at the United States of America. Since then, some nations including Nigeria have been suspected as pro-terrorist countries, possible haven for the terrorists and prone to terrorist attack. This paper examines various questions regarding terrorism in Nigeria. The questions are: what factors precipitates terrorism and how does it thrive? Is terrorism a new phenomenon in Nigeria? Does Nigeria provide a fertile haven for terror and or terrorism? Is the threat of terrorism in Nigeria real or perceived? The paper submits that Nigeria is prone to terrorism either internally or externally motivated. We also argued that terrorism is not new in Nigeria and that conditions which supports the development and growth of terrorism is patently manifested in the country. The paper therefore concludes that the condition for the elimination of terrorism must be created by the Nigerian state such as preservation of popular democracy, equity in allocation of resources, education, full employment, maintenance of a sound administrative infrastructure and improved security networks.

African Journal for the Psychological Study of Social Issues Vol. 9(2) 2006: 186-200

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