The Influence Of Child Survival And Health Of The Previous Child Factors As Predictors Of Birth Spacing Practices Among Couples In Ibadan, Nigeria

  • JA Ayangunna
Keywords: Child survival, Birth spacing practices, Previous child factors.


This study focused on the relationship between child survival and health of the previous child factors and birth spacing practices among couples. A total of 200 couples, men and women, drawn randomly from different professions in Ibadan constituted the sample for the study. The two instruments used were authorconstructed questionnaires with 0.59 and 0.61 (SQBSP) and 0.61 and 0.65 (ASCSHPC) reliability co-efficient respectively. The data obtained were analysed using multiple regression analysis and Pearson Product Moment Correlation coefficient. The result indicated that significant relationship existed between birth order, sex of child, mother's age at birth, index of household wealth, and the length of the preceding birth interval, but not with rural/urban residence, mother's education and type of provider of prenatal care. The result further indicated that a combination of the independent variable significantly predicted births spacing practices. Based on the findings, it was recommended that, social workers, guidance counselors and others in the helping professions should take cognizance of those variables that have been found to influence birth spacing practices among couples.

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