The Dilemma Of A Novice Researcher: An Investigation Into Factors Affecting Social Scientific Research In Nigeria

  • IS Ogundiya
  • SYB Kura


Research is a fundamental enterprise in setting the agenda for policy making, execution, and implementation. It is also an essential strategy for generating knowledge, theory building and theory verification. However, there are varied problems that could stand in the way of research making these substantial contributions. The researcher and the researched are central in determining the success of a research exercise. This paper argues that all problems of research in Nigeria could be viewed from two perspectives: formal and informal or situational and institutional. The problems could be tackled or minimised through rigorous teaching and learning, especially with the used of modern methods and texts. It further argues that situational or seemingly uncontrollable factors, such as political climate, apathy, and biases could be overcome only through the general frameworks of research exercise. Thus clearly define research objectives, questions and theoretical framework(s) and conducting the research with its universal principles is essential in mitigating the situational and institutional challenges.

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