Contravention of town planning regulations in Ikoyi and Victoria Island neighbourhoods, Lagos, Nigeria.

  • L Sanin
  • AA Adebayo
Keywords: Planning regulations, development control, master plan, contravention, compliance.


The study investigated possible relationships between educational attainment, awareness of town planning regulations and contravening these regulations in Ikoyi and Victoria Island, Lagos. Both primary and secondary data were used for the study. Secondary data were obtained from both published and unpublished sources. Primary data were obtained via pre-tested questionnaires administered on household heads randomly selected from 10% of the 4135 buildings in the neighbourhoods. Three-hundred and twenty three copies of the questionnaire were returned and used for analyses. In-depth interviews were also conducted on a cross-section of the residents and development control officials. Both descriptive and inferential statistics were used in analyzing the data. Investigations revealed that 79.9% of the respondents have at least the first degree and more than 50% of them were aware of the various provisions of planning regulations operating in the area, though less than 30% agreed with their provisions. Distribution of the population by planning regulations contravened are: encroaching on road setbacks (48.6%); exceeding maximum permissible floors (48.3%); exceeding maximum permissible plot coverage (47.1%); failing to provide storm drains and soak-away tanks (30.0%); failing to provide required parking spaces (28.8%);  exceeding permissible height of fence walls (26.6%); and, failing to provide adequate space for landscaping (16.7%). Investigations revealed that educational attainment and awareness of provisions of planning regulations do not guarantee compliance. In-depth interviews identified lack of political will on the part of the government and some social, economic, administrative and political factors as the major factors encouraging contravening town planning regulations in the 293 294 neighbourhoods. Strategies were proposed to enhance compliance with planning regulations.

Key words: Planning regulations; development control; master plan;
contravention; compliance.


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