Cryptographic-Paging Mechanism with Secure Coprocessor to Enhance Digital Signature Integrity for Cyber Hygiene Standard

  • T.E. Akhigbe-Mudu


Digital Signature is a mathematical algorithm to validate the authenticity and integrity of an electronic message. Modern browsers enable a wide range  of sensitive operations over SSL/TLS connections. Cryptographic protocols (SSL/TLS) are used to imbue web communications with intgrity, security, and  resilience against unauthorized tampering. It is interesting to note that PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) uses the TLS protocol to establish secure  connections between clients and servers over the internet. Thereby ensuring that the information relayed is encrypted and can not be read by an  external third party. Great scholars over the last decades have proved that a great number of internet users either tend to ignore or do not understand  browser security indicators. Hence there are flaws and vulnerabilities in the certificates and websites. This study proposes a technique hereby referred as  cryptographic paging mechanism with secure coprocessor to enhance the integrity of digital Signature. As a result of the encryption and integrity check,  data security on the outgoing page is maintained. 


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eISSN: 2734-3898
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