Effects of Hydration-Dehydration and Iodination on Seed-Borne Fungi of Duma Wheat Variety

  • M. J. Amana
  • M. Bhatta Charjee
  • J. K. Wanjama


The drought resistant Duma seeds of wheat was subjected to hydration –dehydration (HD) and Iodination (I) treatment to enhance the seed quality as well as protect it\'s deterioration during aging. The effect of the treatments was investigated on external and internal seed-borne fungi, levels of free-fatty acids, moisture content and vigor index. The treatments could effectively reduce both external and internal seed-borne fungi. Reduced levels of free fatty acids and moisture content and high value of vigor index also manifested the effect of the treatments. These findings strongly suggest that the hydration-dehydration and iodination treatments effectively improved the quality of the wheat seeds.

(Af. J. of Science and Technology: 2003 4(1): 62-66)

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1607-9949