African Journal of Science and Technology - Vol 4, No 1 (2003)

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Table of Contents


Proximate Composition and Selected Physicochemical Properties of the Fruits of Canarium schweifurthii Linn
I. A. Onimawo, B.I. Adukwu
Linear Estimation of Standard Deviation of Logistic Distribution: Theory and Algorithm
Patrick G. O. Weke
Regards Croises sur l\'Alteration Supergene des Roches Aluminosilicatees de la Lithosphere et Convergences
Georges Emmanuel Ekodeck, Véronique Kamgang Kabeyene Beyala
Squeeze Film Behaviour in Rotating Porous Annular Discs Lubricated with Magnetic Fluid
Rajesh C. Shah, M. V. Bhat
Contribution a l\'Etude de la Structure Cristallographique et a la Synthese de l\'Indium (III) Meta Trithio-Antimoniate In(α-Sbs3)
Samuel Laminsi, Jacques Kamsu Kom, H. Fues, H. Paulus
Prospecting Methods for Coloured Gemstone Deposits in Kenya
C. Simonet, S. Okundi
Extraction of Gold from Dump Material by Agitation
I. J. Stoyanov
Effects of Hydration-Dehydration and Iodination on Seed-Borne Fungi of Duma Wheat Variety
M. J. Amana, M. Bhatta Charjee, J. K. Wanjama
Etude Petrographique et Geochimique du Complexe Annulaire de Mabounie (Gabon)
J. F. Makanga, Ambroise Edou-Minko
Synchronization and Oscillator Death in Diffusively Coupled Lattice Oscillators
Adu A.M. Wasike
Results on a Questionnaire to Soil Surveyors Around the World Related to Existing Soil Surveys and their Attributes
Balthazar M. Msanya, Roger Langohr, John J. Msaky
Production of Sauerkraut (Picked) from Cabbage (Brassica oleracea) by the Action of Lactic Acid Bacteria
Ekhaise Frederick Osaro
Exploring Azeotropes in a Ternary Mixture
N.E. Egbewatt, J. Fletcher
On Empirical Modelling of HIV/AIDS Pandemic with Application to East Africa
R. O. Simwa, G.P. Pokhariyal

ISSN: 1607-9949
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