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Improved timing recovery in wireless mobile receivers

T.O. Olwal, M.A. van Wyk, B.J. van Wyk, M. Odhiambo, D. Chatelain


The problem of timing recovery in wireless mobile receiver systems is critical. This is partly because timing recovery functions must follow rapid parameter changes inherent in mobile systems and partly because both bandwidth and power must be conserved in low signal to noise ratio communication channels. The ultimate goal is therefore to achieve a low bit error rate on the recovered information for improving QoS provisioning to terminal mobile users. Traditional timing recovery methods have over-relied on phase-locked loops for timing information adjustment. However, associated schemes do not exploit code properties. This leads to synchronization difficulties in digital receivers separated from transmitters by lossy channels. In this paper we present a soft timing phase estimation algorithm for wireless mobile receivers in low signal to noise ratios. In order to develop a bandwidth and power efficient timing recovery method for wireless mobile receivers, a raised cosine filter and a multilevel phase shift keying modulation scheme are implemented and no clock signals are transmitted to the receiver. In the proposed method, the receiver exploits the soft decisions computed at each turbo decoding iteration to provide reliable estimates of a soft timing signal, which in turn, improves the decoding time. The derived method, based on sequential minimization techniques, approaches the theoretical Cramer-Rao bound with unbiased estimates within a few iterations.

Key Words: discrete polyphase matched filters, maximum likelihood estimators, iterative turbo receivers, log-MAP ba

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