Rare primary retroperitoneal teratoma masquerading as adrenal incidentaloma

  • JM Ratkala
  • NJ Shaikb
  • D Salia
  • SM Choukimatha


Objectives: To present a rare case of Primary mature cystic teratoma of right adrenal gland in adult female with an aim to review the published literature.

Materials and Methods: The case details of a lady presenting with vague upper abdominal pain and on investigation was found to have a right adrenal mass were collected. The investigations including abdominal CT were suggestive of right adrenal dermoid. Laparoscopic  Adrenalectomy was performed and histopathology confirmed it to be a mature cystic teratoma of adrenal gland.

Discussion: Retroperitoneal mature cystic teratoma are unusual in adults and are mostly secondary tumours and they presenting in adrenal gland is very rare. Primary mature cystic teratoma as an adrenal incidentaloma have been rarely reported. Surgical excision with minimal access has a very good outcome.

Conclusion: Adrenal primary retroperitoneal teratoma is exceedingly rare in adults and carries a definite, though remote risk for malignant transformation. Laparoscopic excision and close follow up are strongly recommended for a good outcome.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1110-5704