The urethral mucosal prolapse in young girls: A series of 22 cases and a literature review

  • GO Sanda
  • A Soumana
  • H Oumarou
Keywords: Urethral prolapse, Genital haemorrhage, Surgical management


Objective: To report our experience in managing 22 cases of urethral prolapse.
Matérial/Patients and méthods: This is a retrospective study conducted at Urology Department of Lamordé national hospital in a ten years period (2002-2011) and based on 22 cases of urethral prolapsed in young girls.
Results: In the last ten years, 22 cases of urethral prolapse have been recorded. The mean age of patients was 6±3,3 years (ranges 3-10 years). The main reason for consultation was mild genital haemorrhage in 18 cases and 4 cases related to suspicious sexual abuse raising medico legal problems. The treatment combined psychological and medico surgical approaches. In all the cases a surgical excision of the prolapsed mucosa was performed followed by muco-mucosal stitching around indwelling Foley catheter for 72 hours. Post operative period was uneventful except one case of acute urinary retention managed by drainage and anti-inflammatory drug.
Conclusion: Urethral prolapse is a rare disease that affects pre-menarcheal girls in low social and economic context. Surgical treatment gives good clinical and esthetic results.

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eISSN: 1110-5704