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Editorial: The Jewish and Christian view on female genital mutilation

I El-Damanhoury


Female genital mutilation (FGM) is a practice involving the removal of all or parts of the female externalgenitalia. It has been documented in 28 African countries and in some countries in Asia and the MiddleEast, but due to increasing immigration from these countries to the western world, FGM has become aworldwide human rights and health issue. Contrary to the belief that it is a practice carried out by Muslimsonly, it is also practiced by Christians and a minority group of Ethiopian Jews. However, FGM is neithermentioned in the Torah, nor in the Gospels, and – like in Islam – bodily mutilation is condemned by bothreligions. In fact, FGM is a mix of mainly cultural and social factors which may put tremendous pressureon the members of the society in question.



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