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Reliability and Validity Testing of Modified Structured Wellness Questionnaire for Monitoring the Wellness Perception of University Students

BG Jaiyesimi


Wellness on a general scale is a major global concern as it is perpendicular to achieving monumental success in a drive towards global health challenges. The health status and wellbeing of university students should be a major concern as they constitute young adolescent population and are prone to risky lifestyle. The objective of this study was to carry out exploratory factor analysis of modified structured wellness questionnaire used by university students in pursuit of healthy living. The study explored the orientation, health perspective and practices of the university students to assess the factor loading of the modified structured questionnaire for extraction, reduction and compression into variables. A 20-item questionnaire was administered to 1030 students from four colleges of Afe Babalola University, Nigeria. Analyses were performed using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS – version 17). Principal axis component was conducted on the data and Chronbach Alpha was used to test the internal consistency of the data. The results of factor analysis showed five factors and eliminate five items that loaded below the cut-off points. The factors were drug and alcohol pattern; health belief and finance; selfexpression and social integration; exercise, sleep and food and strength of social circle.

Keywords: principal axis factoring, wellness, healthy living, reliability, university

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