Informal Education: A Veritable Alternative for Building the Capacity of Entrepreneurs for Sustainable Growth

  • Sunday O. Effiok
Keywords: Informal Education, Capacity Building, Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Growth


Basic educational attainment has proven to be the catalyst to the development of artisans through mentorship and coaching, especially in developing economies. This study sets out to establish the extent to which informal education increases the technical competence of mentees and coaches and makes them self-reliant. The study applied the ex-post facto design to enable it assemble the tools necessary for valid analysis, results and conclusion. Primary data were drawn from the population of tradesmen, artisans and craftsmen, including people engaged in various commercial activities. The ordinary least square regression analysis was used for data analysis. Findings revealed that free and compulsory educations as well as regular visitation of counseling workers are key parameters that sustain the trainees to forge ahead in this direction. It was therefore concluded that free and compulsory education and services of social workers be provided especially from the NGOs and FBOs. The study therefore recommended that free and compulsory education programme for artisans be intensified. In some cases, the coaches and the mentors should be provided with gadgets necessary to assist them in bringing up the vulnerable in the society.

Keywords: Informal Education, Capacity Building, Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Growth


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print ISSN: 2141-1263