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Rectal lipoma associated with genital prolapse

P Krishnan, S Adlekha, T Chadha, AK Babu


Lipomas are the tumors of mature lipocytes with its occurrence most often on the torso, neck, upper thighs, upper arms, and armpits, but they can occur almost anywhere in the body. They are the rare tumors of intestine, more frequently located in large intestine compared to small intestine. We present the case of a 58‑year‑old post‑menopausal lady presenting with rectal bleeding and utero‑vaginal prolapse. The prolapsing mass was excised, and histopathological examination diagnosed the lesion to be a lipoma.

Keywords: Mature adipocytes, Rectal bleeding, Rectal lipoma, Utero‑vaginal prolapse
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