Transfusion of the dangerous universal donor blood leading to maternal mortality: a case report

  • A.M. Suleiman
  • I Mamman Aisha
  • A.S. Akanmu
Keywords: Transfusion, maternal, mortality, blood


Background: In a health-care setting in which group-identical donor blood is not always available for transfusion, group O whole blood, in the obsolete concept of its being a universal donor, is sometimes given to group A and B recipients without necessary precautions.

Objectives: The objective is to draw attention to the danger of transfusing group A or B recipients with group O blood.

Materials and methods: The case is presented of a multiparous blood group A pregnant woman who was transfused with whole blood group O. The woman developed a haemolytic blood transfusion reaction, which led to intravascular haemolysis, disseminated intravascular coagulation, multiple organ failure and death.

Conclusion and recommendation: Whenever group-identical compatible blood is not available, and group O blood has to be given to a group A or B recipient, haemolysin test must be included in the pre-transfusion tests, and blood should be given preferably as red cell concentrate.

Keywords: Transfusion, maternal, mortality, blood


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print ISSN: 1560-8646