Time bound changes (in 24 h) in human sperm motility and level of calcium and magnesium in seminal plasma

  • J Valsa
  • KP Skandhan
  • B Sumangala
  • V Jaya
Keywords: Human semen, Sperm motility, 24 h study, Seminal plasma calcium, Seminal plasma magnesium


A detailed sperm motility study for 24 h after collection was done. The level of calcium and magnesium in seminal plasma during this period was also seen to understand the role of these electrolytes on sperm motility. Good care was taken in selection of subjects (young and healthy), collection and pre-physical analysis of sample. Subjects (healthy, 18–25 years) were to maintain abstinence (2–5 days).  Collection of sample into wide mouthed container provided was done next to  laboratory by masturbation at 8 am ± 30 m. The total study was done in one month period. Samples were studied at ½, 1, 2, 4, 8, 12 and 24 h time for percentage of (1) total sperm motility, (2) active and progressive and (3) non-progressive motility and seminal plasma calcium and magnesium. Total sperm motility deteriorated to 50% in 8 h whereas active and progressive type reduced to 50% in 4 h. At 24 h total sperm motility was 9.8% and active and progressive motility 3.0%. Level of calcium (27.2 mg/dl) and magnesium (13.54 mg/dl) in seminal plasma did not show any significant changes during study period from that of at ½ h. The study concluded that electrolytes under study were not responsible for the decrease in motility during study period.

Keywords: Human semen; Sperm motility; 24 h study; Seminal plasma calcium; Seminal plasma magnesium


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eISSN: 2090-2948
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