Natural pomegranate juice reduces inflammation, muscle damage and increase platelets blood levels in active healthy Tunisian aged men

  • Ammar Achraf
  • Chtourou Hamdi
  • Mouna Turki
  • Osama Abdelkarim
  • Fatma Ayadi
  • Anita Hoekelmann
  • Sourou Yaich
  • Nizar Souissi
Keywords: Pomegranate, Aging, Biochemical parameters, Platelets, Blood pressure


Currently, it’s well established that aging is associated with various health problems that may interfere with the maintenance of a good nutritional status. Otherwise, pomegranate (POM) was shown to prevent or treat various disease risk factors in adults. However, its efficacy is still not well widespread in elderly population. Therefore, the purpose of the present study is to investigate the effect of natural pomegranate juice (POMj) rich in polyphenols on the blood levels of selected biochemical parameters using older adults.

Twelve active healthy aged men (age: 60 ± 5 years) volunteered to participate in this randomized study. Before and after the supplementation period fasting blood samples were collected, heart rate (HR) and systolic arterial pressure (SAP) were recorded. Supplements of placebo (PLA) or POMj were taken twice daily (250 ml x 2) for 15 days.

Paired simple t-test showed a significant difference between PLA and POMj supplementation effects on systolic blood pressure (SAP), creatinine (CRE), hematological and muscle damage parameters and Creactive protein (CRP) (p < 0.01) with lower values using POMj. Similarly, a significant differences were shown for platelets PLT (p < 0.01) with higher values using POMj supplementation. POMj rich in polyphenols seems to have a power anti-inflammatory effect and to be an effective treatment for patients who suffer from the thrombocyto-penia disease. Therefore, aged populations are advised to add natural POMj to their daily nutrition behavior.

Keywords: Pomegranate, Aging, Biochemical parameters, Platelets, Blood pressure


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eISSN: 2090-2948
print ISSN: 1110-0834