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Spontaneous de novo vaginal adenosis resembling Bartholin’s cyst: A case report

Adebayo Alade Adewole, Osadolor Augustine Ugiagbe, Temitope Gabriel Onile, Olatunji Oluwaseyi Fadahunsi, Daniel Ike Awelimobor, Toba Ajagun, Obioma Jude Nnorom


Background: Vaginal adenosis is a rare benign condition with a small percentage of patients at risk of vaginal adenocarcinoma.

Case: A 34 year old woman presented with paravaginal swelling resembling Bartholin’s cyst. Vaginal examination revealed a cystic, fluctuant and non-tender mass on the right lateral vaginal wall measuring 6 by 5 cm. The cervix, uterus, adnexa and Pouch of Douglas (POD) were normal. She had paravaginal cyst excision and histology showed stratified cuboidal epithelial cells with proliferation of numerous glands of small caliber within its wall that are separated by scanty stroma and consistent with vaginal adenosis. No other lesion was found on the genital tract.

Conclusion: Excision and histology is required in suspicious cases of paravaginal cyst to rule out vaginal adenosis, a potential precursor of vaginal adenocarcinoma. Counseling and follow up will help detect early occurrence of adenocarcinoma.

Keywords: Vaginal adenosis, Bartholin’s cyst, Diethylstilbesterol, Vaginal adenocarcinoma
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