Verification of brain ring enhancing lesions by advanced MR techniques

  • Momena Essam Elsadway
  • Heba Ibrahim Ali


Purpose: To evaluate the role of MR Spectroscopy in verification and differentiation of different brain ring enhancing lesions, for better diagnostic purpose and management outcome.

Patients and methods: 25 patients were included in this study, 15 of them were males and 10 were females, with age ranging between 21 and 75 (mean 46 ± 14). All patients were presented with variable symptoms, some of them have known primary disease entity and others presented with headache, visual disorders or disturbed level of consciousness. MRI was done to all the patients including conventional and contrast sequences, as well as MR Spectroscopy. Some did MR perfusion and DTI in order to further characterize their nature.

Patients and methods: Histopathological findings and results of clinical follow up were our reference standard.

Results: Among the 25 patients, MR Spectroscopy was able to specify 22 lesions (88%), DTI was performed in 13 out of 25 lesions and MR perfusion was performed in 8 out of 25 lesions.

Conclusions: Characterization of ring enhancing lesions of the brain has increased accuracy by applying advanced MRI techniques. In this study, MR Spectroscopy combined with DTI and MR perfusion sequences in some cases improved verification of different ring enhancing brain lesions.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2090-2948
print ISSN: 1110-0834