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Forensic dissection of lip print as an investigative tool in a mixed Egyptian population

S.A. Ahmed
Hanan E. Salem
Marwa M. Fawzy


Background: Identification is a major problem facing forensic practitioners, DNA and finger prints are highly useful but sometimes aren’t easily collected from the crime scene. Lip print could be useful in this field being unique to each individual.

Aim: The current study aimed at detecting the frequency and gender relation of lip print pattern in an Egyptian sample.

Methodology: Samples were collected on white copy paper, divided into four quadrants then examined with magnifying lens for pattern distribution.

Results: The study showed that pattern IV was the most frequently represented pattern in the study sample, pattern I & II were more prevalent in males and females respectively. Prevalent pattern in Cairo and Lower Egypt was I while it was IV in Upper Egypt.

Conclusion: The lip print pattern can differ due to gender and geographical origin in Egyptian subjects.

Keywords: Lip print, Egypt, Gender, Geographical distribution, Identification, Anthropology. Gender difference

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eISSN: 2090-2948
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