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Knowledge and practice of breast self-examination among sample of women in Shatra/Dhi-Qar/Iraq

Salam Hussein Ewaid, Ali Muzahem Shanjar, Raghed Hadi Mahdi


Objectives: The knowledge and practice of breast self-examination (BSE) and breast cancer (BC) warning signs for the prevention purpose among females in Technical Institute of Shatra, Dhi-Qar Province, Iraq were investigated.

Methods: A cross-sectional survey by self-administered questionnaire prepared and 200 participants surveyed from January to March 2017 included 122 students, 45 teaching staff, and 33 employees.

Results: The results showed that 73% of students, 88% teaching staff, and 85% employees heard of BSE.

About 55.7% of students, 44% teaching staff, and 45.4% employees know how to do BSE.

Only 25.4% students, 24.4% teaching staff, and 21.2% employees actually practiced BSE.

Fifty-four percent of students, 42% teaching staff, and 37% employees know that a mammography is a tool for screening of BC. Most of the participants had knowledge about warning signs of BC but only half of all the participants know that the best time for BSE is 5th to 7th day after menstrual cycle and only 31% know that the correct age to do BSE is >18 year age.

TV and internet were the main sources of knowledge about SBE for 47% of all participants. There was a low awareness of BC and BSE among the participants and there are a need for continuing medical education programs by TV and the internet about BC warn signs, BSE and risk factors.

Keywords: Knowledge, Breast cancer, Self-examination, Iraq

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