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Role of expression of atrial natriuretic peptide gene in essential hypertension among Egyptian patients

Marwa A. Gamaleldin
Yasmine S. Naga
Ahmed I. Ellakany
Eman S. Nassar


Introduction: Essential Hypertension has been a great burden on public health services for a long time, with many life-threatening complications. Therefore, we decided to study Atrial Natriuretic peptide (ANP) gene expression as one of the most important blood pressure controlling genes, in order to use ANP gene as a potential diagnostic or therapeutic marker in the near future.
Methods: One hundred essential hypertensive patients and 100 normotensive controls were included. Study Subjects were subjected to ANP gene expression analysis, together with blood pressure measurement, Lab investigations, and BMI analysis.
Results: There was a statistical difference between ANP gene expression and blood pressure, with lower ANP gene expression level (median of 0.3) being present among hypertensive patients and higher ANP gene expression level (median of 1.6) among normotensive controls (p < 0.001).
Discussion: We proved that ANP gene expression to be low in essential hypertension patients compared with normotensive individuals.