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Role of magnetic susceptibility weighted imaging in evaluation of brain lesions

MM Radwan, RA Darwish, AAM El Nekiedy, SA Shama


Introduction: Susceptibility-weighted imaging (SWI) is a new method in MR imaging. SWI detects the signal loss created by disturbance of a homogeneous magnetic field; these disturbances can be caused by paramagnetic, ferromagnetic, or diamagnetic substances. There are many
neurologic conditions that can benefit from this method.
Objective: Toassess the role of magnetic susceptibility weighted imaging in evaluation of brain lesions.

Methods: Thestudywasconductedon30patients with different brain lesions.  Routine MRI study and SWI were done to all patients.
Results: The study included 30 patients with different brain lesions, including three patients with diffuse axonal injury, six patients with stroke, six patients with brain tumors, six patients with chronic microbleeds, five patients with venous malformations and venous thrombosis and four patients with extra-axial hemorrhage. In all patients SWI proved excellent demonstration of veins as well as bleeds.
Conclusion: SWIis valuable in the diagnosis of different brain  lesions and should be included in routine assessment of the brain.
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