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Synthesis, characterization and biological evaluation of three new Schiff bases derived from amino acids and their Ag(I) complexes

Mehwish Aftab
Noreen Mazhar
Muhammad Tariq Shah
Mansoor Akhtar Madeeha Batool
Tariq Mahmud
Muhammad Asim Raza Basra
Gabriel Bratu
Liviu Mitu


ABSTRACT. Three Schiff base ligands which were derived from glycine, asparagine and alanine L1, L2 and L3 were designed and used to synthesized their Ag(I) complexes. 1H NMR, FT-IR, UV-Visible and conductance techniques were used to characterize the ligands and their metal complexes. The synthesized compounds showed antioxidant activity against 2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH). Schiff bases and their Ag(I) complexes were screened for antimicrobial activity, in vitro antibacterial activity against three gram negative bacteria Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Salmonella typhi with two gram positive bacteria Staphylococcus aureus and Bacillus subtilis by micro plate almar blue assay (MABA), antifungal activity against Candida albicans and Candida glabrata by agar tube dilution protocol. In vitro anti-inflammatory activity was performed by heat induce denaturation method and in vivo anti-inflammatory activity was performed by induced paw edema method. Cytotoxicity of the synthesized compounds was recorded against cyclohexamide by MTT assay. Ag(I) metal complexes showed more significant biological activities as compared to ligands.


KEY WORDS: Schiff bases, Metal complexes, Cytotoxicity, Antifungal, Antibacterial, Anti-inflammatory

Bull. Chem. Soc. Ethiop. 2022, 36(1), 45-56.