Alteration of Plasma Lipid Profile and Atherogenic Indices of Cholesterol Loaded Rats by Tridax Procumbens Linn: Implications for the Management of Obesity and Cardiovascular Diseases

  • CJ Ikewuchi
  • CC Ikewuchi
Keywords: Hypertension, hypocholesterolemia, lipid profile, obesity, Tridax procumbens


The effect of the administration of 20mg/100g aqueous extract of the leaves of Tridax procumbens on the packed cell volume (PCV), daily weight gain, plasma lipid profiles and atherogenic indices of rats fed 1g/100g cholesterol, was investigated. The mean daily weight gain and plasma concentrations of triglyceride, LDL-, VLDL- and total cholesterol, as well as the atherogenic indices [Cardiac Risk Ratio (CRR), Atherogenic Coefficient (AC) and Atherogenic Index of Plasma (AIP)] of the treated animals were all significantly lower (p<0.05) than those of the test control and control. The PCV and plasma HDL-cholesterol level of the treated animals was significantly higher (p<0.05) than that of the test control, although lower than that of the control. These results suggest a possible protective role of the extract against the development of cardiovascular diseases, as well as dyslipidemic conditions, whether primary or secondary to diabetes mellitus, hypertension and obesity.

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eISSN: 0795-8080