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Histological outcome of BIRADS 5 breast lesions in Maiduguri, North Eastern Nigeria

Z Mustapha
A Abubakar
AA Modu
UH Pindiga
M Okedayo
IT Annongu


Background: BIRADS 5 breast lesions are greater than 95% suggestive of malignancy according to the ACR-BIRADS lexicon. Objectives: To review histological outcome, positive predictive values, and specificity of BIRADS category 5 breast lesions. Methods: This retrospective study reviewed all the demographic and histopathologic results of patients with BIRADS 5 breast lesions diagnosed in university of Maiduguri teaching hospital, North Eastern Nigeria over a period of one year with their 2 year follow-up mammogram. Results: Twenty three patients, aged 17 – 60 years, with mean age of 40+ 10.1 years were diagnosed with BIRADS 5 breast lesion during the study period. The lesions were bilateral in one (4.3 %), on the right side in 9 (39.1 %) and on the left side in 13 (56.5%) patients. Nineteen (82.6%) had malignant lesions, with invasive ductal carcinoma being the commonest malignancy (69.6%) and fibroadenosis was the commonest benign lesion 2 (8.7 %). The specificity and Positive Predictive Value were 50% and 82.6% respectively. Conclusion: The cancer rate in our study is about 82.6 % which is lower than the BIRADS lexicon of 95%, therefore we recommend a detailed verification of the BIRADs categorisation in our environment.

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